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Like what you have read on the webpages above?

To join click on this Join Now link and you will be taken to an online Application form. When you submit the completed form, it will be automatically sent to the Committee for processing.

Note that processing of applications and gaining access to this Website as a member is not an automated process. 

The Club Committee will review your application, and on approval, the Secretary will email you with a Welcome and details of how to login to the Website.

In addition, once a member, you can also ask to join the TORCC Facebook Group in which you can also interact with other Trakkie owners.

Please be aware that during the winter months, i.e. June, July and August, most members are travelling, including our Secretary and members of the Website and Facebook Admin Team and we do not always have internet coverage, so it may take a few days before you receive a response to your application. 

We thank you for your application and will process it at the earliest opportunity.


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