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How Trips and Gatherings Happen

Club trips and gatherings only happen if and when members are willing to volunteer to lead them. 

The Club has a Trip Coordinator whose job it is to encourage volunteers, and to help them with any difficulties, but neither the Trip Coordinator nor the rest of the Committee can do the job alone. The Club is a “do–it–yourself organization.” 

So, our activities happen when some member has an idea for a trek or gathering, and submits it to the Trip Coordinator for approval and advice. 

When it is approved, it is advertised on our website, and by word of mouth. 

If there is enough interest, arrangements are completed, and the event goes ahead. We hope that after you have been in the Club for a time you will think of a trip or gathering that you could volunteer to lead, as your contribution. When you do, contact the Trip Coordinator to talk it over who will be pleased to hear from you and will give you all the help he can. 

Registering To Go On A Trip Or Gathering 

An email is sent to all members at 9pm alerting them to any upcoming Trips and Events so that everyone has an equal chance of applying. So check your emails and watch the website for notifications of new trips and gatherings. 

Registration for Gatherings is usually by self-registration on the website, whilst registration for trips may be via self-registration or by contacting the trip coordinator. 

Register or contact the Trip Coordinator to put your name down for trips that interest you. As there are sometimes more applicants than places, it is a good idea to reserve your spot early. If you are interested in an activity that is already fully booked, ask the Trip Coordinator to put your name on the waiting list, - there may be a withdrawal! The Trip Coordinator’s contact details can be found on the website. 

Preference is often given to new members or members who haven’t participated on previously run trips, but generally the Trip Coordinator allocates places in order of receipt of application. 


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