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Activities are held throughout the year. 


Trips are central to the Club’s existence. Most members bought Trakmaster vans to  confidently tackle the more remote, difficult, or unusual parts of the country. 

Several trips are run during the winter months when club members travel the length and breadth of Australia in groups of up to ten vans. These include iconic routes such as an East-West Trip,The Gibb River Road, Birdsville Track, Corner Country, and the Simpson Desert.


Each year 100+ vans (200 individuals) gather for a week of fun and catching up with old friends. The event is usually held in Victoria every second year with the option to go interstate in alternate years.

The gatherings are catered for by local community groups, clubs and businesses with significant contributions from many hard working Trakmaster Club members.

In addition to bringing an economic boost to small communities each event raises a significant amount of money for distribution to organisations within the community and on occasions the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 

There are a wide variety of activities at the gatherings including information sessions that are relevant to our off-road caravans and remote area travel.

As with all club events, members are encouraged to come to a happy hour each evening to discuss the day’s events and the plans for the next day or so.


Many of our members have also found that they like getting away to camp somewhere together to enjoy that location and each other’s company. 

Sometimes the groups just stay at the gathering place. Sometimes they use the gathering place as a centre from which to go on day trips etc. A number of members have held gatherings on their country properties. National Parks and camping grounds are other possibilities. 

Get-togethers may be held anywhere - in the high country, ocean, river and desert areas of any State in Australia.

There are also a number of Social Events, e.g. Luncheons, Entertainment, Christmas Get-Togethers, and so on.


The Annual General Meeting is held in February each year, in the Melbourne area. The meeting is attended by about 200 individuals from around Australia, and is another way to get to know members.


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