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- About Us and Prospective Membership

Hello Prospective Member,

The Trakmaster Off-Road Caravan Club Inc. (TORCC) is an Incorporated Association registered in Victoria for owners of Trakmaster Off-Road Caravans, wherever they might live. The Forum is our primary discussion channel.

You cannot use all the features of the Forum unless you are a member of TORCC, and to be a member you MUST own a Trakmaster Off-Road Caravan or be able to show that you have paid a deposit on a new or used one. If you have any questions please CONTACT our Secretary at secretary@trakmsterclub.org.au

Please be aware that our interest is in travelling to remote places. Though one of us is usually contactable it is not always so, especially if there is a "club event" in progress. Please be patient. We will respond to the question you have posted or return your call or reply to your email as soon as we get back into phone or internet coverage.

Our club has Model Rules, Club By-Laws and a Privacy Policy. If you would like a copy of these documents they can be requested from the Club's Secretary at secretary@trakmasterclub.org.au 

If you're happy with all of that, then click on this Join Now link and an MS-Word version of the application form will be downloaded for you to fill in and email to the Club Secretary.

To answer another question, TORCC has an annual membership fee of $45 per year and when joining there is a $20 joining fee. (Our expected payment method is Electronic Funds Transfer and our bank account details are shown on the About Our Website and Where to Find Things page.)


A small note for those who are joining TORCC, processing membership applications and gaining access to the TORCC Forum is not an automated process. 

Once you have purchased your TORCC membership, the next step is for our Secretary to provide a temporary password and some information about using the Forum.  Once the Secretary  has done this, the Forum Admin Team will be able to activate your Forum access.  This process has been instigated to ensure the integrity of the Forum. 

Please be aware that during the winter months, i.e. June, July and August, most members of TORCC are travelling, including our Secretary and members of the Forum Admin Team and we do not always have internet coverage, so it may take a few days before you receive a response to your application. 

We thank you for your application and will process it at the earliest opportunity.

Best regards

TORCC Management Committee

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