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Incentive to Travel

Joining the club members who have been there and done that provides a huge incentive to get out there.


Travelling with others provides confidence and support along the way.

Many members have mechanical, nursing, vehicle recovery and other skills that can be extremely useful if assistance is required in a remote area.

A satellite phone or HF radio is usually carried by groups travelling in a remote area, so that help can be sought in the event of an emergency or break-down.


One of the most compelling reasons to join the club is the friendships you will make.

Many members have formed very strong, long lasting friendships, as a result of travelling together.


Membership fees are nominal and you will find all the details and application form under the Member Application tab on this website.

Inside Information

Club members often know of a magic camp site and points of interest that are not known to the general public or found in the usual maps and publications.

Here is a useful tip to "keep your cool", many members have followed this advice.


IMPROVING FRIDGE COOLING. We have a Vitrifrigo two door fridge. I cant say I have been too impressed with it so far as we have had it regassed five times and finally having the compressor replaced. Nevertheless, it is what we have and we need to make the most of it. I have never been too pleased with the temperature inside the fridge part as we usually run it flat out to keep things cool. So I thought I would fit a small fan inside the fridge compartment and blow it on to the evaporator plate to see what would happen. What a difference. The temperature is about 7ºC degrees cooler than previously and the temperature is much more even within the cabinet with the fan operating. The fan runs all the time as the power consumption is minimal, about 1.8 watts. The temperature inside the fridge cabinet it is about 4/6º C with a day temperature outside of about 32º C.

I am pleased to report that the milk, which we keep in the door compartment, is now nicely chilled instead of being just cool or tepid. In addition, for all people who worry about the battery levels I have found it necessary to turn the fridge down to prevent things freezing within the fridge cabinet. This means the fridge motor runs for less time than before.

The fan is fitted next to the thermostat and screwed to the roof. I have made a manifold to direct the air behind the evaporator plate. The air is sucked from the main cabinet and pumped behind the evaporator plate to strip the cold air from the plate. A picture of the fan is attached. For the moment the wiring comes through the door seal and I may change this in due course. I am also looking at adding a fan to the freezer compartment as I think this will improve the performance of this too. The fan is a 12 volt computer chip cooling fan readily available from Dick Smith or Jaycar or you may pick a second hand one up at a computer repair shop. Make sure you get one with stainless steel bearings. Attached are some pictures of the fan in location.



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